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  • Vinylex Protectant  Spray 16.9oz

    Vinylex Protectant #1215

    Vinylex Protectant 16.9oz Spray #1215 Lexol Vinylex Protectant formula combines cleaning, protecting, and beautifying properties in a convenient, easy to use, one-step application. It also contains powerful UV protection to help guard against harmful sun...

  • Lexol Leather Care Kit #0908

    Lexol Leather Kit #0908

    Lexol Leather Cleaner Conditioner Kit #0908 Contains Lexol Applicator Sponge 2-pack, 16.9 oz / 500 mL spray bottle of Lexol pH-balanced Cleaner, & 16.9 oz / 500 mL spray bottle of Lexol Conditioner Lexol's 16.9oz Leather Care Kit contains...

  • Lexol Leather Conditioner 16.9oz Spray

    Lexol Leather Conditioner #1015

    Lexol Leather Conditioner 16.9oz Spray Lexol Conditioner leaves no greasy residue and it contains no harmful silicon ingredients which dry out leather over time. Lexol Conditioner results in supple, strong, and beautiful leather.

  • Lexol Leather Cleaner 16.9oz Spray

    Lexol Leather Cleaner #1115

    Lexol Leather Cleaner 16.9oz Lexol pH-balanced Cleaner is purely a cleaner. There are NO silicones, alcohols, waxes, oils, or additives in our product that would interfere with its cleaning action or cause dirt to be trapped in the leather.